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RE/MAX Island Real Estate specializes in real estate on Ambergris Caye. We are the largest office on the island with the most professional agents. If you are looking to buy or sell property on Ambergris Caye then you've come to the right place. Buying property in BELIZE doesn't have to be a foreign experience. Go with the name you know and trust. There is more then one reason why RE/MAX is #1. We are #1 in brand awareness, professional designations, customer satisfaction, transactions per agent, transaction sides, closed transactions and sales volume. The truth is, nobody in the world sells more real estate then RE/MAX. That is true in the world and true here in Belize.

I'm here to help you find that perfect piece of Caribbean real estate.
Want to buy a "CONDO"?
How about an "OCEAN FRONT HOME"?
Thinking about land to build you own house, "BEACHFRONT LAND"?

Baby boomers are retiring the thousands each and every day. Many of them are looking for real estate in a more tropical location. While there are dozens of Caribbean islands that may seem attractive at first glance, Ambergris Caye, Belize is quickly becoming the tropical location of choice. Voted "Best Island to Retire To" and "Best Island to Live On" Ambergris Caye is seeing more U.S. and Canadian buyers then ever before and with good reason. Real Estate in Belize is affordable and buyers can easily take title to their properties. Belize is an English speaking country and its democratic government gives buyers and investors alike a good deal of comfort. Belize also offers many tax benefits like very low property taxes, no capital gains taxes and low income taxes.

For more solid information on how to buy Real Estate in Belize check out my weekly "WEBINARS". In this series of webinars I cover a lot of valuable information like how to avoid the Top 5 Investing mistakes that I've seen people make over and over again down here. I'll also cover important tax issues and how to set up your ownership in an IBC (International Business Compay) to legally minimize your tax obligations. How does Belize compare to other Central American countries like Panama and Costa Rica? I'll cover that info as well. Check back often for the latest webinar theme and dates.

If you are looking for a vacation home in Belize check out the "CONDOS" we have for sale on Ambergris Caye's east side. Many of these high end condos face the ocean and the second longest reef in the world. Other condos may not be direct ocean front but still offer amazing views and amenities. Condos in Belize are usually conveyed as strata-tile but a few are under the shares of corporation ownership structure. Condos vary in price from the mid $150's to well over a million dollars for a spacious penthouse unit with endless views. There are many aspects to consider when purchasing a condo on Ambergris Caye such as, How will you use the property? Will you occupy it full time or part time? Do you plan to rent it out when you are not using it? Do you like quiet residential condos or a busy resort type atmosphere?

It's the dream of many people when searching for Ambergris Caye Real Estate to find that perfect little beachfront bungalow. We can help you find yours! If you are looking for a spacious ocean front estate see our Ocean Front Homes page. These homes are what island dreams are made of. Often these represent the best real estate Ambergris Caye has to offer. Many homes come furnished and some have their own piers so you can keep you boat right at your front door. Smaller beachfront homes and bungalows can be had for a lot less. One good option is to pick up something on the wide open San Pedro Lagoon. Many of these types of properties can be found on our "Waterfront Homes" page.

Thinking of building your own home in Belize? We can help with that too. We can put you in touch with local licensed architects and builders who can help design and build your dream home. Searching for that perfect piece of land to build on? Then check out our "Beachfront Land on Ambergris Caye" page or for water property that is a little cheaper check the "Water Front Land on Ambergris Caye" page. Both offer great deals and will get your creative wheels turning. What would YOU build on one of these amazing lots?

Always wanted to own your own private island in Belize? Make sure you check out our "Islands in Belize For Sale" page. These are the ultimate in ownership. Your own private island to do whatever you want with. Build your families estate home on one of these or become your own developer. For investors, check out the "Investment Properties in Belize" page as well as the "Commercial Properties in Belize" page.

Our office is located across from Tropic Air. Stop by and see me or better yet give me a call or shoot me an email. It's much better to set up an appointment since most of the time I'm either out showing property or taking listings.

October 10, 2013

NEW! Belize Relocation and Investment Guide

Learn, Save Money and Give Back to Belize!
Over the past year I've worked hard to compile an accurate, up-to-date and very informative "Official Belize Relocation and Investment Guide" and I'm happy to announce that it is now available!  
Learn - If you are looking to buy property in Belize, relocated to the the country or invest here than this guide is for you. Learn more by reading this one guide in a few hours then you'll learn spending months looking at outdated or biased websites. Learn where the best areas are, how to purchase and what to look out for. 
Save Money - This guide costs $99 but you'll save thousands from what you learn in it. Right off the bat I'm able to get my clients exclusive discounts when they come to Belize to check it out. These exclusive discounts are available on golf-cart rentals, water sports and mainland tours and even on closing costs and IBC formation. You'll save hundreds of dollars off your next trip here so the E-book is worth purchasing even if you don't plan to relocate to or invest in Belize. Then you'll save thousands of dollars by avoiding the mistakes many people have made when purchasing in Belize. You can't go wrong. 
Give Back to Belize - A portion of every sale of this E-book will go to assist the deaf and hard of hearing in Belize providing them with educational materials and enabling them to learn and travel abroad. We have several deaf living on Ambergris Caye who will directly benefit from the sale of this book. This is a great way to learn about Belize while giving back in a very practical way. 
Deaf students in Belize
Click on this link to learn more and to purchase the guide. 

February 5, 2013

NEW! 2013 Weekly Real Estate Webinars - Links

If you are researching Belize and having a hard time figuring out which area of the country is best for you and would like some help as you explore which areas have the most to offer then please attend one of my weekly webinars.
I've put these together specifically to help educated my clients on which areas to take a closer look at and which areas you should stay away from. Looking at listings over the internet isn't easy. They all seem to look good! But which ones are the real deal and which ones should you run from?
I'll fill you in on that as well as present a TON of really good info that you need to know before buying anything in Belize. Right now I have 2 different webinars that I host each week. Each has its own unique theme and info. Chose the one that is right for you or better yet...attend both!
This webinar deals with some of the best deals right now on Ambergris Caye and explains about a lot of the growth that the island is seeing right now. Attend this webinar if you want to get a general overview of what the market is like. Register here: 
This webinar focuses more on a couple of investment opportunities where you can get in the game with low down payments and low monthly payments. It's a good webinar if you are interested in investing in Belize and want to look at areas that are in the "Path of Progress". Register here:

July 19, 2012

Easy Way to Own Waterfront Property in Belize

This must be the easiest way I've ever seen to own waterfront property here on Ambergris Caye, Belize. If you thought you could never afford it think again!

This beautiful lot sits in a new subdivision just north of San Pedro Town. These waterfront lots all sit on the clear, shallow waters of the San Pedro Lagoon just 5 minutes away from the ocean and the reef but very protected.

Having a vacation home or retirement home here will give you the opportunity to have your boat right at your front door. If you want to build now you can do so using rain water cisterns for water and solor or wind for power. However if you wait a year or two all utilities will be available. So build now or wait. It's your choice.

The lot is priced at only $80,000 which for those of of you who know Ambergris Caye know this is a great deal. You can pay cash (the seller would probably prefer it) but if you can't afford the who amount right now you can put as little as 10% down and make low monthly payments.

Just about anyone should be able to afford this. If you've always wanted to own waterfront property on a Caribbean Island this is your chance. What do you think? this "the one"?

Dennis Kay II
RE/MAX Southwind

May 10, 2012

New Video Series - Stephanie Kay on Life on Ambergris Caye

Are you looking for real estate on Ambergris Caye? Wondering what its like to actually leave North American and MOVE to a Caribbean island?

Percentage wise most of the people that contact me regarding real estate are women and many of them are looking to get a womans perspective on buying property and living here.

So, my wife came out with this great idea to shoot a video series that gives a womans perspective on Ambergris Caye. What does she like about living here? Why did she choose Belize? What are the pros and cons of living on an island in the Caribbean?

Over the course of this series Steph will answer all of these questions and many more. If you have any that you'd like to ask her feel free to email me and I'll have her tape her reply and upload it to YouTube.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy this series!

Dennis Kay II
RE/MAX Southwind
Ambergris Caye, Belize

March 14, 2012

Luxury Belize Real Estate - Canal Front Homes on Ambergris Caye For Sale (NEW VIDEO)

The furniture is in!! Check out the video to see the finished product.

Real estate options on Ambergris Caye have just been taken up a notch. Check out this 3 bedroom waterfront home in the hottest new subdivision called South Ambergris Caye Subdivision. Homes in this subdivision offer the finest in luxury and technology.

Here is a little more info about the development.....

When looking at how best to develop the land where the South Ambergris Caye Subdivision is now located, the developer and his team were inspired by conservationists and their efforts, such as: WWF (world wildlife fund) and were inspired to make this development a step above the norm. The developer assembled a team of environmental, hydraulic, civil, mechanical and architectural engineers, marine biologists, botanists, geologists and world-class architects, together with the departments of the environment, forestry and geology to come up with an innovative plan.

It was determined that this land, which was formerly stagnant and largely void of vegetation, could be transformed into an area to establish mangrove planting. Experts suggested and agreed that by opening up this area with a series of canals the entire ecosystem would improve because of increased water circulation.

In addition to providing better circulation, a team of engineers designed special seawalls called habitat walls which allow for the planting of new mangroves and form a cave like habitat for fish once installed throughout the subdivision’s miles of waterways. This will be one of the largest planting of new mangrove in the world. As seen by this Google earth time-lapse, the improvement in mangrove density is clearly visible. Once completed, the community will enjoy the sanctuary-like qualities of the mangroves.

Homeowners in the subdivision will be required to keep the mangrove trees along the designated sections of the canals and their restrictive convents will state that no removal of mangroves will be allowed within the subdivision.

In addition, the land developer and home builders are applying for not 1, but 3, different LEED certifications in the designs of subdivision, landscaping and house. All homes are being designed to conserve electricity and water. For example, homes are being built with LED lights, 12v inverter airconditioners, low flush toilets and showers to conserve precious resources.

In all areas of importance the development team of the South Ambergris Caye Subdivision has sought out qualified experts and together they are creating a world class neighborhood.

To schedule a tour please contact me by email or by cell.

Dennis Kay II
RE/MAX Island Real Estate

P.S. - 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes as well as condo and vacant building lots are all available. Easy financing terms on the building lots. Email me for more details.


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